The technical integration between Amaranth Credit Union and Access Credit Union will take place June 9, 2023. 

Day-to-day banking will remain the same for Amaranth CU members up until further notice. 

What's next for Amaranth CU members?

Accounts, Fees, Rates & Products 

When will the products and services be aligned and what can I expect to see?

Our teams are currently working on the detailed review of Amaranth’s products and services. We plan to finalize and align the offerings for our members in stages to ensure a successful rollout. Our goal is to be in a position to share more information in early 2023.

Please note that all existing accounts would move forward, safely and securely. And, when the time comes, members would be provided the option to move into the accounts or service plans that best suit their needs.

You can expect to see:

    • Free e-Transfers on most account packages
    • Low monthly fees on account package options
    • Account offering aligned to life stages and individual needs, including specialty packages for underserved communities

What happens to my existing accounts?

Accounts will remain status quo until the banking system integration project takes place. All existing accounts from Amaranth Credit Union will move forward, safely and securely. 

What if I have an account at Access already? What will happen to my accounts?

Accounts will remain status quo until the banking system integration project takes place. At that time, all of your accounts, regardless of the incumbent credit union, will transition to the Access banking system as part of our technical integration process. As we work through that integration process, we will provide members with updates informing them of any changes to their account, what their options are at Access, and how accounts will be accessed.

Will existing Amaranth cheques still be valid?

For now, it is business as usual and cheques will continue to work as expected. In the event this circumstance changes, we will notify members.

Operations & Service

On January 1st, will I be able to go into any Access to do my banking transactions?

Until our banking system is aligned, we encourage Amaranth members to conduct their banking at their home branch or via ATM at any one of our Access branches. See our full list of branches here [LINK: https://www.accesscu.ca/en/contact].

All existing branch locations, staff, and hours remain the same for all legacy credit unions unless otherwise noted in future communications.

Which contact centre do I call for assistance after January 1st?

Our teams are currently working on integrating our phone systems and processes to best serve our combined membership. Until this integration takes place, please continue to contact Amaranth Credit Union the way you did previously. 

Will the branch close or hours change?

Your branch hours will continue as it is today. Business hours would be reviewed and aligned with other Access branches. Access also has the added convenience of an online chat feature, call centre (available Saturdays), Mobile Mortgage Specialist, and electronic document signing to make transactions even easier

If any changes occur to our branch network, service centres, or head office locations, communication will be distributed to our members. 

How would the merger affect the personalized service I’ve come to enjoy at Amaranth?

Both Access and Amaranth are member-focused credit unions. The same exceptional service you are provided today by employees in your branch would not change. With the merger, you would also benefit from a more extensive and convenient branch network of both urban and rural locations. With increased resources, we would be able to provide more employee training opportunities and service support to our Member Service Representative team.

When will the technical integration take place?

Integrating databases into a singular banking platform is a major system change and impacts nearly every aspect of the credit union’s operations. The technical integration will take place the weekend of June 9, 2023. Regular services will be impacted during this time period. 

How do I access my online and mobile banking?

Members can continue to bank using their respective legacy credit union websites and mobile banking apps. 

How do I access telephone banking?

Members can continue to use telephone banking as they do today.

Will there be any changes to statements?

At this time, there are no changes to member statement cycles.

Where would the head office be? Where would the executive team be located?

All current corporate offices would be maintained and headquartered for the executive team. Through technology, they would have a flexible location appropriate to their role. For legal purposes, our official head office would be the location of the Corporate Secretary at Access’ Stanley Business Centre in the Rural Municipality of Stanley, Manitoba.