Access account packages will be available for legacy Carpathia members starting on February 1, 2024

As Carpathia Credit Union legally merged with Access Credit Union on July 1, 2023, we are progressing through the next phase of the merger with our product alignment.

On February 1, 2024, all Access Credit Union account packages will be available for legacy Carpathia Credit Union members. That means your current Carpathia account package will change automatically to an equivalent Access product and Access service fees will come into effect.


Account Packages

We encourage all members to review the account package details to be aware of any changes your account may incur during this transition.

Not sure what account type you have today? You can find this information by viewing your online or mobile banking or account statement.









Looking for a print version? You can download the account package changes here.

Interest Payments 

Variable registered products will pay out interest at the end of June and December, the current cycle at Carpathia is March and September. No accrued interest will be lost because of this change.

Variable TFSA, RRSP, and RRIF accounts currently pay interest monthly. This will change to a semi-annual interest payment cycle.

There will be no change for variable LIRA accounts in terms of interest calculation and payment.




Interest calculation

Interest paid

Interest calculation

Interest paid


Closing daily balance


Closing daily balance


Last day of June and December

LIF/Federal RLIF/PRIF /LIRA Variable

Closing daily balance


Last day of December

Closing daily balance


Last day of June and December

LIRA Variable

Closing daily balance


Last day June & December

Closing daily balance


Last day of June and December

Term Deposits (registered and non-registered)

All Carpathia terms operate similarly to Access in which terms are opened in six month increments to a maximum of five years.

However, term products may not appear on your first few Access statements after technical alignment. More details to follow.


Service Fees

As a reminder, some service fees have been aligned to Access CU for January 1st. Learn More.
Remaining service fees will be aligned to Access’ current fee structure effective February 1, 2024. See details here.


Member Support

Have questions? We’re here to help. Please contact your branch for assistance.


Member Services 

BANKING SERVICES: It’s business as usual for cheques, debit cards, pre-authorized payments, investments, loans and mortgages. All existing account numbers and debit cards issued by the legacy credit unions will continue to operate as normal.

CREDIT CARDS: Changes are expected for Collabria credit cardholders. More information will be shared shortly.

BRANCHES: All existing branch locations, staff, and hours remain the same for legacy Carpathia branches. Full service and operational alignment will take place in 2024. Additional details to follow in the coming months.

MEMBER SERVICE & SUPPORT: Please continue to contact your local branch for support at (204) 989-7400 until further notice.

ONLINE/MOBILE BANKING: Members can continue to bank using the Carpathia website and mobile banking app until full operational alignment in 2024. Additional information to follow.

STATEMENTS: At this time, there are no changes to member statement cycles, delivery methods, or formats.

Carpathia Credit Union Merger with Access Credit Union

Operational Alignment Schedule

  • New* June 7 - 9, 2024 - Technical Integration
  • New* February 1, 2024 - Member Services
  • July 1, 2023 – Carpathia has become Access Credit Union. 

Next Steps

Effective July 1, 2023, Carpathia has become Access Credit Union. Together, we are a credit union that focuses on our members first. One that is future-focused, innovative, and strong; not only in our financials, but in our values, our people, and our communities.

We’ve begun integrating our operations and in 2024, will unify our website and banking system to complete the full Access Credit Union experience.

From now until full operational integration is complete, this carpathia.cusuccess.ca website is your go-to source to get information about integration activities, progress updates, and member advisories.


Get In Touch

Have questions about the proposed merger? Reach out at together@carpathia.ca

For all other Access Credit Union inquiries, please visit Access Credit Union.