Noventis Integration 

We are excited to announce that our systems have successfully integrated as of November 20, 2022!

As a legacy Noventis member some of your services have been given an upgrade! Click below to learn more.

Prefer a physical copy?

Download this information in PDF form here or visit your local branch to pick up a copy

Online & Mobile Banking 

Welcome to your new digital banking experience!

Please view the information below to learn about changes to your digital banking.

Looking for help with Resetting your Password, Setting up Autodeposit® and more? You can view step by step instructions for common features and transactions at:

Please continue to sign into online banking from the accesscu.ca website:

Members can login using their existing Debit Card Number and will be verified with their Date of Birth along with a One Time Passcode (OTP) sent to their Cell or Email that is on file. Upon verification, each member will create a username and select a new strong password.

• Alphanumeric: can include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and/or the underscore and period (_ .) special characters
• Minimum of 5 characters, maximum of 35 characters
• Cannot use the debit card number
• Cannot use an email address
• Must be unique (does not already exist for another user)

• 10-35 characters
• 1 uppercase letter
• 1 lowercase letter
• 1 number
• 1 optional symbol


The following impacts are effective November 21, 2022 with the new:

• Previously set up online and mobile banking alerts have not transferred into the new database.
• Members will have delayed access to e-Statements and cheque images in online banking until mid-morning Monday, November 21.
• Favourite Account Default Settings have changed but can be updated after logging in the first time.
• Members will no longer be able to order personal cheques online.
• Members now have the ability to make principal loan payments via digital banking (on select products).
• New secure Email and Two-Factor authentication security are available.

Legacy Noventis members need a new app to log in to mobile banking. Please download the new Access CU app:

>>On the App Store

>>On Google Play

Interac e-Transfers are available once again.

Reminder about some features:



What to do

Interac e-Transfer®

Recipient lists

Members will lose current recipient and contact lists after November 14.

• Please set up your recipients in online/mobile banking

Interac e-Transfer®


Leaving Autodeposit turned on over conversion weekend could potentially cause e-Transfer sending issues.

Members will not be able to re-register for Autodeposit until Monday, November 21.

• You can set up Autodeposit® on the new platform on Monday, November 21.

Interac e-Transfer®


Members will lose their e-Transfer history after Friday, November 18.

• None

• Legacy Noventis members will no longer have access to the history of CRA forms through online banking. Historical forms data is available through CRA’s myCRA Business.

• Legacy Noventis members who had existing personal CRA payments due after November 18th will be required to set these up again in digital banking after November 20th, as the payments will no longer process correctly.

• Future-dated business CRA tax payments due after November 18th have not carried over. Please set these payments up in the new digital banking.

As part of the Noventis and Access Credit Union merger, we have integrating our database and systems on November 18, 2022. With this integration came some impacts you should be prepared for:

• Members have lost saved Delegates in online banking. Please ensure you set them up again after November 20, 2022.

• Accounts will need to be re-consolidated in online banking after Sunday, November 20, 2022.

The new online and mobile banking service also offers several new features and security benefits, allowing you make the most of your business online banking account:

• Online dual signature access for businesses with dual-signing authority

• Increased Interac® e-Transfer send limits

• Higher remote deposit limits when depositing cheques via mobile app

Telephone Banking 

Telephone banking is available for legacy Noventis members:

• Members will access telephone banking by calling 204.949.1048 (Winnipeg) or Toll-free at 1.877.835.7378.

• Members will have received a letter identifying the steps to take to use telephone banking after conversion weekend, as well as a new temporary PIN.


Members will see a change in banking statements; the way they look, when they are received, and the information that appears on them.

Note: Historical eStatements for legacy Noventis members only will be unavailable after integration is complete this weekend. If you require a historical eStatement please contact us.


Transitioning to “Relational Statements”: the information presented on your statement will be inclusive of all accounts in which you have an ownership role, including any joint accounts you may be a part of.


You will continue to receive your statement on a month-end cycle.
Final statement schedule:
• October 1 – 31 (Last current statement model)
• November 1 – 30 (Your new Access branded statement)


1. e-Statement Option
If you currently have at least one statement set to view via ‘e-Statement Only’, the entirety of your new relational statement will only be available to view on online banking. No statements will be printed and mailed.

On November 18, all members under the age of 59 with personal accounts and access to online banking, will automatically be switched to receiving their statement via online banking only.

2. Print & Mail Option
If you currently have all of your statements set to receive a printed statement and do not have access to online banking, your statement will continue to be mailed to your home on a monthly basis.

>>More statement information can be found here.

What did not change after integration?

• Account Numbers did not change.

• Account Nicknames named prior to conversion have carried the nickname forward into the new system.

• Existing ATM/Debit Cards remain active and valid. PINs remain the same.

• Automatic Transfers such as pre-authorized payment and direct deposits, have carried over to the new system. This includes bill payments and payroll deposits.

• Bill Payees set up pre-integration remain. Excludes any CRA Payments (personal and business).

• Existing Cheques continue to be valid.

• Stop Payments put in place prior to conversion remain after integration weekend.

Looking for more information?

Visit accesscu.ca for information on Accounts, Branch hours and more!

Or call us at 1.800.264.2926

Please note that due to the integration we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes. Thank you for your patience as we try to assist all members.

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