Sunova Integration

As a Sunova legacy member, here’s what you need to know about the gradual change as we work towards banking system integrations for the new Access Credit Union. 

Online banking Access

 As Sunova legacy member, you can now also log into your online banking through the Access Credit Union website by clicking the button below or the ‘Sign In' button in the top right corner of the Access website menu.

About the Merger

On July 1, 2022, we became the NEW Access Credit Union.

The amalgamated organization will provide members with numerous benefits.  

  • Access to an even-wider branch network throughout the city of Winnipeg, and Southern, Eastern, and Interlake Manitoba regions.
  • Legacy Sunova Members branch network will grow from 14 to 52 branches.
  • Access will maintain and enhance offerings through highly competitive rates and fees, present account package options that meet the needs of our combined membership, and provide a flexible patronage program designed to thank members with cash rewards for their loyalty.



Key dates to note as a Sunova legacy member:

October, 2022

New account packages will be available to Access and Sunova members.

Q3 2023

Sunova banking system integration occurs.

sunova-timeline (1)

Operational Integration

Branch Service

Although our branch banking systems are not yet aligned, we are pleased to share that we have developed a temporary workaround that will allow a member from any of the legacy credit unions to conduct most of their banking safely and securely at any of our 52-branch network*. The Sunova banking integration takes place in Q3, 2023. 

*Some limitations apply.

Like any business, we regularly review our operations and evaluate our combined branches to ensure that we continue to be accessible and are meeting the needs of our members. Service hour alignment is part of this review and will be considered as we move forward. All existing branch locations, staff, and hours remain the same for all legacy credit unions unless otherwise noted in future communications. 

>> View the full list of branch locations including operating hours

Contact (Call) Centre Service

Our teams are currently working on integrating our phone systems and processes to best serve our combined membership. Until this integration takes place, please continue to contact legacy Sunova Credit Union the way you did previously. For reference:

Access Credit Union Member Solutions Centre: 1.800.264.2926
Sunova Credit Union Help HQ: 1.833.378.6682

Please note that all contact centres can be reached at 1-800-264-2926. Please listen carefully to follow the new prompts for best service.

To better serve our members across Manitoba, all existing credit union contact centre hours of operation have been aligned to offer the same exceptional service at the same time.

Effective July 4, 2022, Sunova Help HQ and the Access CU Member Solutions Centre will offer full service from:

Monday to Friday: 8:30AM to 6:00PM
8:30AM to 4:00PM

These hours of operation align with standard service hours in our industry and simplify the service experience across all three credit union memberships.

Products & Services

The new Access Credit Union promised to offer some of the best financial products and services for every stage in life. We are pleased to share the new account package lineup and service fee schedule which will come into effect following the below schedule:

Account Packages: October 2022

(Information available in August 2022)

Service Fee Schedule: October 2022

Most service fees will be aligned for October 1, 2022, with some items expecting alignment later as they require further investigation and process review.

>> View and download service fee schedule

Key Changes

  • All Specialized Assistance fees (see Registered Products section) will be charged at $275 per hour unless otherwise specified.
  • Variable TFSA accounts include two free withdrawals per month. All subsequent withdrawals will be charged at $1.25 each.
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Account Packages

With the Access, Noventis, and Sunova merger, we’ve streamlined our account package options to best meet the needs of our combined membership.

Account package changes will take effect in October 2022 for legacy Sunova members. You accounts will keep the same name but have the features and benefits of the new account packages as listed below.

Use the information below to discover which account you will be moving to based on your existing Sunova account package. Please use the account grids to see all features associated with your new accounts.

>>Personal Account Grid
>>Business Account Grid
>>Investment Account Grid

To find the best fit for all members, some accounts may be moving to different accounts than outlined based on transaction history and account usage.

Personal Chequing Accounts

Current Account New Account Benefits
Personal 15 Pay As You Go
Personal 30 *Basic + or Green
Career Starter Green
Personal 60 *Unlimited or Green
Personal Unlimited Unlimited
Golden Gold Chequing
Junior Grow Chequing
Student Student
New to Canada New to Canada
New Account USD
New Account Ability Chequing










*Members will be emailed with information on which account type they will be moving to.

Personal Savings Accounts

Current Account New Account Benefits
Superior Platinum Savings
US Savings USD Daily Savings
Dog-Gone Good Saver Grow Savings
New Account Premium Savings






Business Chequing Accounts

Current Account New Account Benefits
Business 15 Business Pay As You Go
Business 30 Business Value
Business 60 Business Value
Business 90 Business Plus
Business 120 Business Plus
Organizational Non Profit
New Account USD Business







Business Savings Accounts

Current Account New Account Benefits
Superior Savings Business Platinum
US Superior Savings US Savings
AgriInvest AgriInvest
New Account Business Daily Savings
New Account Business Premium Savings